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Random Catterwauling

Okay, so HI "Waves"

Been really busy but am not going into it cause it's boring crap, and right now I have words swimming around my head as a result of singing in the shower and am going to write them down so hopefully my brain can breathe again...(be glad I'm only writing this and you can't hear me sing LOL)

Yes you learned your lesson well,
Keep your feelings to yourself,
Then they can't be used against you,
Used to break you,
Used to make you doubt yourself.

So we stand here in the dark,
I can see your breaking heart,
But you can't say the words to keep me,
From walking away.
And my heart cries,
I won't hurt you,
I don't want to,
Can't you see how much I love you.
But all my words, so many words,
Are all locked away,
You can't tell me and I can't tell you,
Both of us to scared to.
Won't let anyone close enough to break our hearts,
So watch us tear ourselves apart.

Yes, we learned our lesson well,
Keep our feelings to ourselves,
Then they can't be used against us,
Used to break us,
Used to make us doubt ourselves.

Yes we learned our lesson well,
Kept our feelings to ourselves,
They weren't used against us,
It was us that broke us,
In the end was us doubting ourselves?

OK. The end for now. One day I may even write the first half of that..........but not today :)

i'm in love with my dentist

Yesterday I made it into my dental appt without a full blown panic attack, then I sat in the chair and the shaking started...

Immediatley my dental nurse put me at ease, explaining exactly how the check up is performed and telling me mine is a common reaction, and she knows how hard it is to prevent because she is on anti-anxiety meds herself. By the time she has finished I've stopped shaking and breathing is now an option.

Then the dentist enters.....
10 minutes later I'm in love! The man is about 60 with pure grey hair and a beard but none the less....He tells me exactly what he's doing as he does it and takes pictures of the areas I was worried about and when the exam is over he puts them up on the screen and shows them to me.

The lumps on the front inside of my jawbone are singulary called a taurus and and are quite common and nothing to worry about.
The lump at the back of my upper palette is from an agitated wisdom tooth.

I could've hugged him! I can feel the stress deflating

Then he pulls out my xrays and explains what I'm looking at ( a place I need a filling) and then let's me find and point ou t the others. :-) I need 3 fillings and 3 wisdom teeth removed. Seeing my look of panic he then reassures me that we can use a computer wand that is usually only used on patients with extreme pain for the needle, if I feel much more than a bit of pressure e will eat his hat. Lol!

And despite what I was told previously (I knew about the wisdom teeth) he thinks it would be far easier to knock me out than try to remove them in the chair and we will discuss that after the fillings so no stressing.

Aaahhhh, how could I not love the man. Now how to tell hubby :-) lol


Kids and hubby have the flu, I got called in and am working tomorrow (so am trying to have as little contact with my bug carrying family as possible, and anyone who has been around sick children knows they are very affectionate when unwell)
For anyone jumping up and down, I cannot go to work sick as the elderly are prone to catching bugs and in 1 shift I could infect as many as 20 people! And I have a dentist appt today.......

To anyone who knows me, you know I am almost allergic to doctors and dentists and unless I am feeling half dead I stay faaaarrrrr away. Unfortunately I have a few lumps in my mouth that are freaking me out so I'm braving the panic attack and heading off into the lions den.

Wish me luck.........

Exhausted or Energized


Eeek, haven't had any time to post for a few days, Started a new job on Monday and have been running around like a headless chook ever since...

Monday - Up at 5:30, take Hubby to work at 6, Induction day starts at 7. Finish at 1, walk home, because hubby has taken car to pick up mother in-law. Kick hubby into the shed so he can finish fiddling with my car (lets face it I am so not going to make it through the week without it!) Pick up kids from Mums, make dinner ect *insert usual routine here*

Tues - Usual routine but include entertaining mom in-law and more shopping than I usually do in a month (window and otherwise..) Usual routine followed by getting organised for work in morning and getting Eva's kindy gear ready.

Wed - Up at 5, me ready, kids ready, left Ella with Nanna and took Eva to kindy..Just made it to work in time for Manual Handling to start. Finish at 1, home, feed everyone lunch, take mom in-law to more shops, pick up Eva from kindy *insert usual routine here.

I think you are getting the picture :-)

Had my first solo shift on Sunday and my second one tonight and I need to get off here and get organised so hubby and kids will still be fed while I'm at work....lol

Should have 2 days off after this so will try to update then.

Am I feeling exhausted or energized? Maybe a little of both :-)

It never rains but it pours......

So yesterday was Ella's 3rd, b'day and the weather was great and we spent the day running around the backyard and then got ready to leave for grandma's....sounds good so far right?

15mins before we pulled out of the drive my mother-in-law rings and tells us she will be down to visit today, that's all okay, we knew she was coming and she's been invited for the very 1st time in 10yrs to stay with my brother-in-law and his wife. Can we pick her up from the bus at 1?......Wait, What???

Now our kids are staying at my mother's overnight because I'm starting a new job and have an 6hr induction day and hubby just can't change his shifts so one of us is home. It's all been planned carefully, and we only have one car because hubby has the 4wd in the back shed for a service....and it's not finished. (The whatsit is making a sound it's not supposed to and he wants to pull off the thingy and check to make sure ??? *it's about this point I zoned out*)

Seeing all our careful planning crumbling we ask "Aren't you staying at Tom's?"

The answer... they only want her for two days, and those two are Thurs and Fri so she will have to stay with us for the rest...

Okay, no problem. Thanks for telling us. *a lovely mental image of kicking borther-in-laws butt!!*


all is quiet......

It's quiet around here this mornining. Yesterday I posted in the add me community and my darling daughters decided to re enact world war 2 while I was at it. The most I can say about that post is that it was at least partially coherent.....I think.

Today I have two little angels who have dressed and had breakfast and voulenteered to make their beds! Of course today we are going to grandma's for a sleepover and Ellie's b'day party........she turns 3, where does the time go?

Have to love my mum tho. The woman works full time and has taken time off so that i can go to work because hubby couldn't switch shifts and i couldn't find a sitter. Yes, i am one of the lucky ones who's parents are awsome and can be counted on for just about anything even now that i'm grown and have been out of home for over10yrs. :-)
I keep warning hubby that this means one day we may have them living with us......he looked horrified for all of a minute before deciding we would just build a granny flat out back !!! Seriously, i got lucky with hubby too, which does'not mean he has no faults or that i will not rant when he's annoyed me but he is one of the good ones.....

Ooh, a child has just run away with my shoes, i believe the peace treaty must be ending and i am off to try and negotiate another before they wake Dad :-) .

snooping around

I have done some basic navigating (snooping) around on this site today and discovered that there are a few people who share their version of a diary with others and make some new friends. I think I will give it a go. :-) I doubt there will be much I write that will be of interest to anyone but it can't hurt......right?

In other news my youngest daughter turns 3 on Monday and so we are off to grandma's on Sunday for a party and she has offered to have the kids overnight * does a happy dance with a few Whooops thrown in for good measure*

Now if I could just get rid of my headache all would be right with my world......

discovery of livejournal

For some one who is computer illiterate and technologically :-) incompetent the discovery of live journal was a complete surprise. I have decided to use it as a diary of venting of sorts and hopefully I will pick up a few tips on how to navigate the confusing world of cyberspace dwellers.

For the most part it will probably contain the drivel that clogs up my brain and random thoughts and petty ravings of an annoyed or frustrated reader or mother. In other words...an outlet. As a wife and mother I have many outlets for my happy emotions but the flip side of the coin is that if I am upset or annoyed it then my children become the same and my husband either looks baffled or runs around trying desperately to make it all better, the result of the latter being that I then feel guilty and then I'm angry again for not being able to express myself without the household errupting into chaos around me.
Well look at that, I couldn't even make the first post without airing a pet peeve. Hmmm...maybe this will be theraputic.:-)

For anyone who accidentally runs across my posts while looking for something interesting to read....I apologise.

To end my first entry on a happy note though, the kids are in bed and I'm off to rustle up some coffee. :-)